Hilary Hodge for Grass Valley City Council

Hilary has lived in downtown Grass Valley for nearly a decade, and will work to bring affordable housing and economic prosperity to Grass Valley. Learn more about Hilary!

Bob Branstrom for Grass Valley City Council

Bob’s plan for Grass Valley is focused on a more diverse economy and increased livability. Learn more about Bob!

Bruce Herring for NID Division 2

Bruce’s vision for our water agency lies in fiscal responsibility, transparency, and a healthy watershed. Learn more about Bruce!

Teresa Eckerling for Penn Valley School Board

Teresa’s vision includes pairing fiscal responsibility with investment in 21st century education for our children, as well as more transparency and open communication. Connect with Teresa on Facebook!!

Jeanne Michael for Grass Valley Elementary School District

Jeanne’s goals include continuing fiscal prudence, while making strides toward improving student performance and creating a healthy and stimulating learning environment. Connect with Jeanne on Facebook!


Audrey Denney for Congress

Audrey is working to stop corruption, restore integrity, and save our democracy. Learn about Audrey's mission!

Caleen Sisk for State Assembly

Caleen will be a strong advocate for education, innovation, and the human right to water. Learn more about Caleen!


Kevin de Leon for US Senate

Learn more about Kevin.

Tony Thurmond for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Learn more about Tony.

Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner

Learn more about Ricardo.

Fiona Ma for State Treasurer

Learn more about Fiona.

Tom Hallinan for Board of Equalization

Learn more about Tom.

Betty Yee for State Controller

Learn more about Betty.

Gavin Newsom for Governor

Learn more about Gavin.

Xavier Becerra for Attorney General

Learn more about Xavier.

Alex Padilla for Secretary of State

Learn more about Alex.


Click to view and download. Please note that Prop 9 was removed from the ballot by court order and is not included.

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