Lisa Swarthout

Lisa Swarthout for Supervisor District 3

Lisa has been serving the Grass Valley community and Nevada County at large for over three decades. With 25 years in Grass Valley government and 30 years as a local business owner, she is the clear choice for Supervisor District 3. Learn more about Lisa.

Adam Kline for Nevada City Council

Adam is committed to building on the best of our past and planning for the future; welcoming ideas for smart rural growth that preserve our shared values and encourage diversity. He welcomes your support and collaboration. Learn more about Adam.

Erin Minett for Nevada City Council

Erin brings her experience from serving on the Council for the past four years, and will work to see that Nevada City retains its charm while becoming a more inclusive, affordable, and prosperous community. Learn more about Erin.


Kermit Jones for Congressional District 3

Raised on a farm in the Midwest, Kermit joined the Navy after 9/11 and was deployed twice to Iraq with a Marine helicopter squadron based at Camp Pendleton. A lawyer and practicing family physician, he acquired a deeper understanding of the health care system as a White House fellow during the Obama administration and through the difficult experience of helping his mother through lung cancer treatment. Learn more about Kermit.

Belle Starr Sandwith for Assembly District 1

Belle is an experienced business owner who understands the needs of the many small communities of AD1, as well as the more urban foothill communities. Fire safety, mitigation and planning, and sound forestry practices are key issues for Belle. Contact Belle at belleforassembly@gmail.com.

Braden Murphy for Board of Equalization

Braden is running for the Board of Equalization because he believes in public government programs. He wants to restore fairness to California’s property tax system, and wants his constituents to know that they have a progressive representing them when it comes time to pay their taxes. Learn more about Braden.

Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner