Special Election: Where was the Democrat?

Why wasn’t there a Democrat on the final ballot in the Special Election for California’s Senate District 1 in 2019? By Hailey Martin   Democrats in California’s Senate District 1 got a stinky surprise when they saw their ballots for the 2019 Special Election to pick a new State Senator: a choice between Republican Brian Dahle and Republican Kevin Kiley. … Read More

Summary of the 2019 Special Election for California Senate District 1

Because of California’s top two-primary and because long-time Republican Steven Baird re-registered as a Democrat to throw the election and then drop out, preventing endorsed Democratic candidate Silke Pfleuger from moving on,  California’s Senate District 1 went to a general special election with two Republicans on the ballot: Brian Dahle and Kevin Kiley. Brian Dahle prevailed for the North State.  … Read More

Clean, Affordable Drinking Water for All

The need for and right to clean, safe drinking water has long been known as a requirement for life. Since 2012, it has also been statutory right in California along with the additional stipulation that it be affordable. Last year, State Senator Monning submitted a bill that would charge water agencies a tax of about $.95/customer connection/month. This tax would … Read More