Social Justice

  • Constitutional Rights & Protections

    Democrats fight to protect what is guaranteed to you by the Bill of Rights. All peoples and groups deserve equal protection under the law, whether they be women, people of color, LGBTQ, or otherwise.

  • Justice Reform

    Our criminal justice system does not treat everyone equally. Democrats work to combat this institutional racism, be it the unjustified shootings of black people, racial profiling of latinx people, or the courts handing down disproportionate sentences to minorities.

  • Representation for All

    We work to raise the voices of those less represented in the political process. We believe in the power of diversity of opinion and perspective, which helps protect the marginalized but also benefits all of society through increased creativity and ingenuity.

Economic Justice

  • Jobs and Prosperity

    Economies can be both open and fair. America should engage economically with the world to encourage global prosperity, while working to support those affected by job loss and de-industrialization through retraining and economic stimulus.

  • Fair Wages & Taxation

    We believe in equal pay for women and minorities, and a living wage for all full-time workers. Additionally all members of our society must pay their fair share of taxes, so that all may prosper.

  • Protect and Strengthen the Safety Net

    Those less able to support themselves, be it temporary or long-term, deserve dignity and well being as much as anyone. We will fight to protect programs that support those less fortunate than ourselves.

Environmental Justice

  • Renewal

    Democrats must work at all levels to repair the damage done to our ecosystems. Locally, we believe in the restoration of our meadows and waterways, and promote water conservation efforts.

  • Sustainable Prosperity

    Environmental protection and economic growth can go hand in hand. Through training, innovative technologies, and an eye towards sustainability, we can foster prosperity and maintain the beauty and health of our landscapes.

  • Equal Participation

    We realize that not everyone has an equal voice at the table, and as such actively listen to native peoples, the poor, and others most impacted by environmental issues.