Vote No on the Recall by September 14th!

All Nevada County ballots were mailed by August 16th. If you have not received yours, call the Nevada County Registrar at 530-265-1298. If you vote by mail, be sure to sign and date the envelope. In-person voting will be available, click here for details.

Can I vote No on the Recall, and for a candidate on question two?
Yes. A No vote on Question 1 takes precedence. (I.e. Your No vote will count if you vote for anybody or nobody.)

Who should I vote for on Question 2?
The official position is to leave question 2 blank, because the Democratic Party supports Gavin Newsom.

I want Newsom to win, but I want to vote for another candidate just in case, who do I vote for?
If you want to vote for a candidate, we recommend the highest-polling Democrat.

Can I write in Gavin Newsom on question 2?
No. The State Constitution prevents Newsom from being a candidate. The only way to "vote for" Newsom, is to vote No on question 1. If you write Newsom in on question 2, it will not be counted, although your No on question 1 still counts.

Is there a runoff?
No. If Yes on question 1 succeeds, the candidate with the most votes wins immediately, even if they have less than 50%. This is why it is critical to vote No and turn in your ballot.

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