Face Masks and the Constitution

By Dick Sciaroni In a recent “open letter” to the Nevada City Council published in The Union, Susan Frisbie quotes the late Justice Scalia to argue against a face mask mandate.  I must believe that Ms. Frisbee has had no advanced legal training. If she does, then she slept through her classes. She mistakenly ignores long-recognized jurisprudence followed by American … Read More

We’re All Equal with COVID

By Jackie Finley Herman Cain’s recent death from COVID should make it clear to anyone that the virus has no regard for race, gender, age, socio-economic status, religion, or political party affiliation.  If a prominent, wealthy individual such as Cain can succumb to COVID, so can anyone. Wearing masks, socially distancing, and temporarily closing or restricting businesses are annoying, and … Read More

Not all Christians have been ensnared by the Right

By S.A. “Sam” Jernigan Becoming a Christian at 19 was a seismic event in my young life―I was the only one in my family who was a believer so this was very much a personal journey of my own. My independent streak began a number of years before that though as, raised by my from-the-South dad, I nevertheless experienced a … Read More

How Germany Successfully Handled Its Past of Evil

By Richardt Stormsgaard Here in June of 2020 Americans seem to be a crossroads with massive outpourings of support for fundamental change. Rallies all across the US in large cities and in small towns occur daily. The public murders of blacks are now a rarity, but blacks are still the target of institutional racism in housing, education, and the criminal … Read More

Vote for Audrey Denney

by Jacqueline Finley I have met Audrey Denney, Congressional Candidate for California First District, on several occasions. She has consistently impressed me as someone who listens, communicates well, and has the critical ability to understand others’ backgrounds, perspectives, and viewpoints. Her webpage says that Ms. Denney has “North State Values and Vision.” I think this statement says much about her … Read More


by Milan Vodicka, Ph.D. No, black and white does not necessarily relate to just colors, or colors of the skin. It can be also ascribed to something else. There is “black & white” in minds, the way of perceiving, thinking, and acting. This type of behavior can be viewed as living in mind-made reality, more abstractly known as “modeling.”  It … Read More

Time to Evaluate Mining Proposal

by Bob Branstrom The past few years, Rise Grass Valley has been conducting exploratory drilling at the historic Idaho-Maryland Mine. They have formally requested permits from Nevada County to reopen the mine. The county is moving forward with the required environmental impact report under the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA. Sometime after that, the Board of Supervisors will make … Read More

A Bit of Hope Ahead

by Richardt Stormsgaard The Wisconsin primary confirmed the trend from the successive Super Tuesday wins by Joe Biden. College educated suburban/urban and moderate working class voters flocked to the voting stations even as they feared contracting the covid-19 virus to cast their votes in a reaction to ruthless Republican voter suppression measures, upheld by our conservative/right-wing SCOTUS. These results are … Read More

One Perspective

by Jacqueline Finlay Former President George W. Bush’s recent call for unity and non-partisan decency during the COVID-19 threat resulted in another ludicrous reaction from President Trump. Accusing Bush of abandoning him during the impeachment “hoax,” Trump claimed he and Lincoln were the two greatest U.S. Presidents, not only due to their exceptional leadership abilities, but also due to the … Read More