by Jacqueline Finley There have been several times when I believed the country was collapsing. Nothing, however, compares to our current chaos.  COVID is randomly killing Americans and the economy is reeling.  Protests are showcasing inequalities and prejudices no longer hidden beneath a frayed rug.  Politics, always cruel, are beyond the pale, with no decorum.  Leadership consists of spiteful retaliations … Read More

Where are you going, America 2020?

by Milan Vodicka, Ph.D. Somehow, in this July of 2020, I find it challenging to anchor the starting point of my writing. Being bombarded daily with “news” headlines, depressing Covid-19 data, reports of deplorable behaviors, and “presidential” tweets… Well, I am old enough to see parallels, analogies, similarities with events that already transpired during my lifetime. Although this pandemic, in … Read More

Volunteers Are Here to Help!

Our volunteers. Think of us as the “Door Dash” of the Nevada County Democrats. We have crews that will deliver lawn signs directly to you. We’ll drive you to the polls, or pick up your ballot and drive it to the ballot box. We’ll even deliver and install an 8’x10’ Audrey Denny sign in your yard. Need information about the … Read More

Vote for Elizabeth Betancourt

by Jackie Finley As the Presidential campaign gains momentum, it is crucial to recognize that local elections are as important as national ones. Change – or continuity – comes from both the top down and the bottom up. Nevada County voters, like voters everywhere, have choices to make.  Do they want the status quo or a fresh approach to economic … Read More

Elections – or a Coronation?

by Milan Vodicka, Ph.D. A dream? Sometime in the future? After the coronation? Just another day in the Fiefdom of America… The country and land ruled and blessed by the venerable succession of stable geniuses, with the heritage traceable to the very founder of the Fiefdom, Don the First. The legend has it that before him, there was a country … Read More

Climate Change: We can DO this!

By Carol Kuczora Trouble with trying to turn around climate change, even to save the planetary life-support system for our children, is that it requires international cooperation, including almost everyone on Earth cooperating by changing their behavior, and they just can’t or won’t do that. Oh, wait.  We just DID that!  And it cleaned the air.  Our response to COVID-19 just showed us … Read More

America – statistics & polls?

By Milan Vodicka, Ph.D.  It seems that these days of August 2020 one finds in the “news” a vast field of argumentation that rests on the use of statistics and polling (which uses statistics). As usually, driven by the US cultural trends of knowledge deprivation and ignorance, many of these arguments are based on fallacies of not understanding what statistics … Read More

Face Masks and the Constitution

By Dick Sciaroni In a recent “open letter” to the Nevada City Council published in The Union, Susan Frisbie quotes the late Justice Scalia to argue against a face mask mandate.  I must believe that Ms. Frisbee has had no advanced legal training. If she does, then she slept through her classes. She mistakenly ignores long-recognized jurisprudence followed by American … Read More

We’re All Equal with COVID

By Jackie Finley Herman Cain’s recent death from COVID should make it clear to anyone that the virus has no regard for race, gender, age, socio-economic status, religion, or political party affiliation.  If a prominent, wealthy individual such as Cain can succumb to COVID, so can anyone. Wearing masks, socially distancing, and temporarily closing or restricting businesses are annoying, and … Read More

Not all Christians have been ensnared by the Right

By S.A. “Sam” Jernigan Becoming a Christian at 19 was a seismic event in my young life―I was the only one in my family who was a believer so this was very much a personal journey of my own. My independent streak began a number of years before that though as, raised by my from-the-South dad, I nevertheless experienced a … Read More