Newsom: The Leader for California

By Carol Kuczora I’m old enough to remember our country under Dwight Eisenhower, a centrist-leaning Republican. We had great prosperity and safety, despite high taxes and the “Fairness Doctrine” that required media to provide balanced political coverage. People could afford the American Dream of a 3 bedroom, two bath home and two cars.  Conservatives consider California very liberal, over-taxed and over-regulated.  They’re all fed … Read More

Newsom – An Innovative Leader

By Peggy Burks How is it we Californians are in yet another crisis of our own making.  Are you at all like me? Sitting in my bubble, until about a week ago I was oblivious to the real danger of Newsom being dumped and a true crackpot taking over the top job. Now I get it – we are fed … Read More

My Take on Newsom’s Accomplishments

By Itara O’Connell It’s easy to get tangled up in the petty divisiveness of our current dialogue instead of focusing on Newsom’s accomplishments. While handling a health crisis and the economic fallout from that, Newsom has managed to advance achievements in the areas of healthcare, education, and the economy. The more people that have access to healthcare the better off … Read More

Governor Newsom Accomplishments, Part1

Governor Newsom is widely recognized for his willingness to lead – repeatedly developing, advocating, and implementing innovative and groundbreaking solutions to some of our most challenging issues. On a wide range of topics including the economy,  health care, preschool education & family support, criminal justice reform, wildfire containment & climate change, and minimum wage increases, Newsom stuck his neck out … Read More

To be or not to be… vaccinated?

by Milan Vodicka, Ph.D. Are you making sense from the flood of words, statements and proclamations around “should I get vaccinated against COVID-19 or not?” Irrespective, the inescapable truth steps in. Both action and inaction will have consequences. What will those consequences be? Will they emerge from “facts” posited against “beliefs? What to do? In order to sort out the … Read More

Individualism vs. Social Responsibility

By Jacqueline Finley, A friend in New Zealand emailed that her fellow citizens feel sorry for Americans, a comment that shamed me. They not only pity us for our incompetent president, but also our inability to strike a functional balance between individualism and necessary social unity for a common goal, i.e., ending COVID. While COVID restrictions in her country are … Read More

Back To The Future

By Milan Vodicka, P.h.D. Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, potential nuclear wars… What else do we have to deal with, day in and day out? Yes, the “infodemic” – avalanche of information, disinformation, conspiracy theories, lies and truth. I have to admit, at the time of this writing – about one month prior to the Election Day – I am feeling … Read More

LaMalfa Super PAC in Apparent Violation of Federal Election Laws

In the last two weeks of the 2020 election cycle, the Super PAC Americans for Accountability in Leadership has begun placing illegal robocalls and running ads opposing Audrey Denney with blatant and absurd lies and appear to be in violation of Federal Election Commission laws on coordination between campaigns and independent expenditure Super PACs. In a bold move disregarding ethics rules, Rep. … Read More

Vote for Pamela Swartz

by Annie Ballard As a resident of “The 1’s”–CD1, AD1 and SD1, I’m so excited to turn in my ballot this election! Democrats and independents alike can look forward to change coming to the North State. We’ve put in a lot of hard work and we’re pushing the needle! I want to focus here on the newest candidate to step … Read More

Fanning the Flames

by Steve Hurley I was in the SF Bay Area in the tumultuous time of the Black Panthers, Patty Hearst, the Jim Jones cult, and anti-war riots, Etc. I skedaddled up to Humboldt County at the same time as many others of my generation. In Humboldt County, good paying logging & fishing jobs dwindled while agriculture and tourism stayed stable.  … Read More