Elections and Quality

by Milan Vodicka The involvement with “quality” is ever present – from quality criteria for the design and manufacture of products for professional and customer markets to quality of life. I taught Quality Management courses at the college. Let us define this subject, before applying it to the elections. What is “quality?” Which of the two following products would you … Read More

A Breakaway Congressional District

By Rondal Snodgrass (As published in The Union) Our brand-new Congressional District 3 was formed after the 2020 Census and was created by a legally mandated apportionment process. There is no incumbent, no predetermined election by one party super majority. The design was to link communities that are close to, and love, and utilize the Sierra Nevada mountains. Within this 630 mile … Read More

I Trust Lisa Swarthout

By Ricki Heck (As published in The Union) I have worked with both candidates for the 3rd District Board of Supervisors, Lisa Swarthout and her opponent professionally for over 30 years. My support and vote are with Lisa Swarthout. Lisa has been a strong advocate for local business and has consistently ensured that every dollar spent as a Councilmember in Grass Valley … Read More

Not willing to take the risk

By Pinky Zalkin (As published in The Union) I genuinely fear the repercussions of what may happen should Nevada City voters pass Measure W. I’ve been studying the measure’s pros and cons by going to forums and reading extensively. My reading included the report by the law firm Goldfarb & Lipman, LLP, attorneys hired by Nevada City to examine the legal impacts … Read More

Support the Students 

By Bill Drake (As published in The Union) I am writing in support of Ken Johnson (Dist. 5), Olivia Pritchett (Dist. 1), and Wendy Willoughby (Dist. 2) for our regional school board, all of whom have been unanimously endorsed by our local high school teachers’ association. In addition to their each having significant experiences and skills that would make them great board … Read More

Vote for Willoughby, Pritchett and Johnson

By Cheri M. Flanigan (As published in The Union) For those of you who are retired, or like me, whose kids have grown, this Nevada Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees election is important. When my kids were in school here, our collective schools were rated #2 in the state, right behind Marin County. That was a source of pride … Read More

Not Much Has Changed

By Terence McAteer (As published in The Union) The following is a front page editorial entitled “How About Fire- Are We Safe!” from the Nevada Journal of Nevada City on Friday, June 10, 1859 “We touch once more upon the subject of fire. It is an old theme but unwelcome as it may, we feel compelled to awaken attentions to a subject … Read More

Educating Ourselves to Find the Right Congressional Candidate

By Julie Carville (As published in The Union) As a resident of Nevada City for 33 years, I’m delighted that we have the opportunity in our new 3rd Congressional District to choose a candidate on November 8th who will truly serve our district, rather than someone who divides and bows to party politics. We need someone who is ethical, competent, and committed … Read More

School District Needs Change

By Eric Mayer (As published in The Union) We would like to take this opportunity to promote, widely and resoundingly, the slate of candidates that the Nevada Joint Union High School Teachers Association supports. We have three seats on the ballot this election in Areas 1, 2, and 5. The behavior exhibited by the NJUHSD Board Trustees at the October 5th meeting … Read More

Let Teachers Teach

By Terry Boyles (As published in The Union) Tip O’Neil famously stated “all politics is local” and as much press is given to the influence of national and state policy on our lives, there’s nothing more local than school boards and city councils. Second guessing and recrimination over school shutdowns and other Covid related policies have excited even the most apolitical parents … Read More