Elizabeth Betancourt Takes First in Primary: Why it Matters

by Hilary Hodge Elizabeth Betancourt will move to the General Special Election on November 5th. The exciting news: it was a first-place finish for the Democrat, Elizabeth Betancourt!! Election results as of 4:51 p.m. Wednesday (100% of precincts reporting) Democrat Elizabeth Betancourt (28,223 votes or 39%) Republican Megan Dahle (26,136 votes or 36.1%) Republican Patrick Jones (12,659 votes or 17.5%) Republican Joseph Turner (4,031 votes or … Read More

Rural Economy

by Linda Horning Our rural economy is suffering under the administration of Donald Trump.  As his largest voting bloc, rural voters believe he has their best interests at heart, but his own federal policy experts say he does not support rural prosperity.  The Economic Research Service (ERS), a non-partisan entity within the Department of Agriculture, has concluded farmers have been … Read More

Elizabeth Betancourt for Assembly

by Jacqueline Finley If you haven’t already done so, check out Elizabeth Betancourt, the sole Democratic candidate for California Assembly District 1. A farmer, small business owner, watershed scientist and rural advocate, Ms. Bettencourt’s focus is on water and land resource management, helping local communities prosper and remain fiscally strong, and bridging the gap between progressive and conservative District 1 … Read More

Good looking stable genius? Or a racist egomaniac?

by Milan Vodicka, Ph.D. As usual, my intentions with regard to this writing are being overshadowed by recent events. I intended to write about the ever-present polarization of our society. I will, with the caveat of unfolding events. I think it is appropriate to open with a rather lengthy quote summarizing the issue. It is from Preet Bharara’s book, Doing … Read More

July First Tuesday Recap

by Ellen Macdonald Although another party was on tap for the July 2019 Nevada County Democrats First Tuesday Educational Forum, we were lucky to have Elizabeth Betancourt, candidate for the CA AD1 (Assembly District) available to introduce herself and field questions from attendees. Also, we were equally fortunate to have the always welcome Shelley Covert and her band play later … Read More

Beating The Heads Against The Wall

by Richardt Stormsgaard Two unique American problems are that too many Americans have racist and sexist inclinations. The Civil and Voting Rights legislation that liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans established in the 1960s created a strong back-lash when more rights and opportunities were extended to minorities. This led to many millions of white Americans working-class voters voting against their own … Read More

Why is President Eisenhower so Underrated Nowadays?

By Richard Hurley Ike really isn’t underrated these days. He’s actually riding pretty high with historians and amongst the general public. Given what we have in office today, the idea of a man with a political resumé like Ike’s is, in retrospect, very appealing. Ike successfully led the Western Allies through the 2nd half of WWII – while incidentally directing the most … Read More

LaMalfa Comes to Town

Congressperson Doug LaMalfa’s visit to Grass Valley was marked by frustration and rage.  The dogmatic and stubborn man had a lot to say about not much at all.  He spent more than an hour with constituents dodging questions and using false numbers to back up his arguments. Democratic-endorsed candidate and Grass Valley City Councilwoman, Hilary Hodge, noted on social media, “I … Read More

First Tuesday Recap: June 4th 2019

First Tuesday June 4th by Ellen MacDonald   June’s First Tuesday forum was primarily a party but also provided a setting for members who attended the 2019 California Democratic Party Convention to reflect on the experience. The convention had just ended two days before this party, so memories were fresh and so was the exhaustion from an intense two to … Read More

Civility? What for?

by Milan Vodicka, Ph.D Your child just came home and shared with you, the parents, his or her experience of the day in school. “Our principal told us that the math teacher we have is a sleaze-bag. And he said the history teacher is a little wise guy. They are getting nothing done. They are nervous and a disgrace to … Read More