By Jackie Finley   Please route all calendar submissions to   In the subject line, indicate the information is for the monthly calendar. The calendar is updated about twice weekly, so please plan ahead.  We can’t always make last minute additions or changes. In your submissions, include the following information:  Event/Activity; Start Time and Estimated Ending Time; Location; Sponsoring Groups; … Read More


The 2019-2020 Executive Board is: Peter Minett, Chair; Neil Bodine, First Vice Chair; Eric Robins, Second Vice Chair; Joanne Bodine, Finance; Ben Perkins, Recording Secretary; and Jo Garst, Corresponding Secretary.


by Richardt Stormsgaard Bernie Sanders says Denmark is socialistic and a model to be emulated in this country. He is wrong about the first part but right about the second one. I urge readers to google “Socialist Denmark +Bernie Sanders” for general background information. Bernie Sanders is in fact trying to claim credit for an economic system in which moderate … Read More


by Dick Sciaroni Once Donald Trump became a viable candidate for President, the attention of much of the American public, and American news media, has focused on Trump the celebrity-politician.  Love him or hate him, Americans seem unable to see Trump for what he is, much less see the stream of tweets and pronouncements that flow from the west wing … Read More


by Milan Vodicka, Ph.D Apparently, we are immersed in worlds of truths and lies. How do we recognize which is which? This is a deep subject that has many possible paths and contexts of inquiry. “Everyone has his or her truth,” right? Or “it depends?” Depends on what? Let me illustrate by an example that was sparked by a thoughtful … Read More


By Linda Hornig   Donald Trump’s obsession with Russia reaches back as far as 1986, according to Nobel Peace Prize winner, Bernard Lown, a Boston-area cardiologist who shared his 1985 Peace Prize with a top Soviet physician.  Both were honored that year for their efforts to promote denuclearization.  In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter recently, Lown revealed that Trump tracked … Read More


By Carol Kuczora   Do you grasp the urgency yet?  Some facts: Carbon dioxide (CO2) remains in the atmosphere for hundreds of years.   Yet, it was constantly in the 200s parts per million for hundreds of thousands of years, in balance between emissions and absorption.   It captured  just the right amount of solar heat to promote life.  That is, until … Read More


By Jackie Finley   President Trump just announced he feels he is too successful to be impeached. I adamantly disagree, as I am sure do millions of other Americans.  No one is ever too good to be “shown the door” if he or she fails to live up to the standards of a role that person has sought out and … Read More


Review by Rev. Karyn Packard, Authored by Michelle Obama I waited to write this review until Becoming had been read and discussed by our book club.  It was unanimous, everyone loved it, and I believe that you will, too.  Like the image we have all captured through the campaigns and the glimpses into the lives of this unique first family, … Read More