Email your letter to ALL 5 Supervisors and CC Clerk of the Board. Specify which District you live in (if you know) in the opening/closing of your letter: – District 1 Heidi Hall – District 2 Ed Scofield – District 3 Dan Miller –  District 4 Sue Hoek – District 5 Richard Anderson – Clerk of the Board

Want to write your own letter? Here are some sample talking points:

1) We want continued support of the governor’s mandate, and to reopen gradually, based on the data and science.
2) We are not Placer or Orange County, and will not be bullied by 7 loud restaurants, when 350+ have complied. That gives them an unfair business advantage.
3) We want a plan for a funded solution for outdoor dining during the winter months.

Need a form letter? Feel free to use some or all of the sample below:

Dear Honorable Board of Supervisors,

I am writing to thank the Board for their continued support of the Governor’s public health mandate. It is through our community’s hard work and adapting to this difficult time that we can move to a much greater reopening of our economy. We did this not through dismissing science and the advice of our public health officials, but by embracing it. We are Nevada County – not petulant Placer or Orange County. And the results of our labors are paying off both in a larger reopening of our economy, and in the health and wellbeing of our neighbors. We have found a balance. Thank you.

While there is a loud and defiant group of a handful of restaurants who feel entitled to bully the Board and the community to their own demands, please honor the cooperation of the over 350 local businesses who are complying and making this work. This so called ‘coalition of seven’ feel they are entitled to an unfair business advantage over all others, and that through continued harassment of the Board believe they can bend you to their will. Do not fall for it. Nevada County has spoken through our actions, and it speaks for Public Health first.

The CDC’s recent report highlighting the dangers of indoor dining, and President Trump’s recent admission that this virus is extremely dangerous, means we must remain diligent. I encourage the County and Cities to plan for the winter months and innovate with creative solutions to continue outdoor dining. Truckee has begun installing dining tents for its restaurants, and I hope that West County can also fund and install dining tents which allow for protection from the weather, and allow for good ventilation. There are tenting solutions available for this now.

Again, thank you for your continued protection of our public health. It’s working.

Respectfully yours,


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