Not Much Has Changed

By Terence McAteer (As published in The Union)

The following is a front page editorial entitled “How About Fire- Are We Safe!” from the Nevada Journal of Nevada City on Friday, June 10, 1859

“We touch once more upon the subject of fire. It is an old theme but unwelcome as it may, we feel compelled to awaken attentions to a subject which long ago merited the most serious consideration— nor has it lost any of its merits.”

“On every hand we hear expressed the confident prediction that our city will ere long be laid in ashes again. Everybody fears a calamity from the flames. It is the talk in families, in places of business and on the street. Scarsely a wind blows and someone involuntarily suggests: “What a fine time for a fire.” Not a spark is kindled out of its legitimate place, but strikes a terror and occasions a twelve day talk. “How narrow an escape” is the patent explanation. We live upon a volcano and all feel an ever-living dread of something awful in-store for us.”

Not much has changed since 1859. You have a chance in this election to change this narrative. Vote Yes on Measure V.

Terence McAteer

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