Not willing to take the risk

By Pinky Zalkin (As published in The Union)

I genuinely fear the repercussions of what may happen should Nevada City voters pass Measure W. I’ve been studying the measure’s pros and cons by going to forums and reading extensively. My reading included the report by the law firm Goldfarb & Lipman, LLP, attorneys hired by Nevada City to examine the legal impacts of the Historic Neighborhoods District Initiative.

The report indicates that Nevada City may be SUED by the State Attorney General. To quote the report’s language, “The HND [Historic Neighborhoods District] does not meet all the criteria proposed by the Attorney General, and it is unclear whether the creation of the HND would in fact exclude the use of SB9 in the HND.”

My fear focuses on the word “unclear.” I, for one, am not willing to risk a likely lawsuit. This would cost our city thousands of dollars we can’t afford! I ask the proponents of Measure W, “Just which services are you willing to jeopardize to fight an expensive lawsuit that will probably fail? Are you willing to sacrifice police protection, fire protection, public works, and more…?”

Think about it! I’m not willing to take the risk. Are you?

Vote NO on W!

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