I Trust Lisa Swarthout

By Ricki Heck (As published in The Union)

I have worked with both candidates for the 3rd District Board of Supervisors, Lisa Swarthout and her opponent professionally for over 30 years. My support and vote are with Lisa Swarthout.

Lisa has been a strong advocate for local business and has consistently ensured that every dollar spent as a Councilmember in Grass Valley is a thoughtful and prudent expenditure.

I trust Lisa with our tax dollars. I trust Lisa to make good decisions without regard to politics. I trust Lisa to be thoughtful, care for Nevada County first and be a balanced and a visionary leader.

Lisa is the best choice; we need Lisa on the Board of Supervisors. I hope you will vote for Lisa Swarthout on November 8th.

Ricki Heck

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  1. This is one of the WORST websites I’ve ever seen!
    When and where are meetings?
    Who are officers? How do you reach them?
    What is on the agenda?
    What is happening in Nevada County?

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