Ken Johnson: School board is dysfunctional

By Ken Johnson

I am a candidate for Nevada Joint Union High School Board of Trustees, Area 5, which is South County.

I am a retired high school teacher with 38 years of experience. I was also trained to analyze school district budgets so we can make sure every tax dollar is spent on effective instruction for the students.

I am endorsed by the Nevada Joint Union teachers association and retired school administrators. As well as by Ed Scofield, Area 2 county supervisor.

So why am I running? Right now, our school board is dysfunctional and focused more on their political agendas than the students. Politics has no place on our school board.

The school board’s August meeting clearly showed how dysfunctional the board is. The school district lawyer had to be brought in to train the board on how to run a school board meeting and to follow state laws. How much taxpayer money was wasted paying for the lawyer?

Another reason why I’m running is students need to feel physically and emotionally safe while they’re at school. No learning will take place if a student is worried about their safety.

All students have different types of skills, talents, and needs, so we need to have a college readiness program along with a robust vocational education program. I want to bring back the construction program along with ROP. The current board laid off the construction instructor and eliminated that program. Programs like these provide good-paying jobs for our students after graduation as 70% of our graduates do not go straight to a four-year college.

Finally, I want to reintroduce the practice of recognizing students at EVERY board meeting for their achievements, whether it be athletic, academic, or extra-curricular. The current board stopped this practice of honoring our students at board meetings.

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