Experience Matters

by Lily Marie Mora

On May 3rd, I attended the Nevada County Clerk-Recorder candidate forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

It was very clear that Natalie Adona, the current assistant Clerk-Recorder/Register of Voters is the most qualified candidate.  Adona has been working in this position assisting Greg Diaz, the current Clerk-Recorder / Register since 2019.

She has command of the policies, regulations, and laws that govern the collection of our public records and the safe guards of our elections.

Adona, the chair of the CA Association of Clerks Elections Officials Constitution and Bylaws Committee, is positioned on the cutting edge to glean new information and to trouble shot problems that may come up during the election process.

Natalie is highly educated, earning a BA, Law Degree and a MPA.


Be a prepared voter–Take time to research candidate qualification.

After all “Experience Matters” – would you hire the plumber to give you a colonoscopy, just because they seem to be a nice person?

Vote on or by Tues. June 7th.

Thanks for your commitment to make our community a more civil and functional place to live and raise our families.

This letter is the opinion of one of our active members and doesn’t imply the endorsement of the Democratic Central Committee. Natalie is a No Party Preference voter and thereby is ineligible to be endorsed according to California Democratic Party rules.



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