Experience, Education Counts

by Bob Branstrom

As I look at my ballot, I see many important offices up for election. This is especially true at the county level, where numerous incumbents are not running for re-election.

Of these, one stands out as possibly being the most important race on the Nevada County ballot, that for clerk-recorder/registrar of voters. This office is responsible for maintaining the legal public and private records within the county, as well as the integrity of voter registration and elections. My personal experience has been with elections, so I will focus on that side of the office.

I have voted many times in Nevada County. Sometimes my candidates and issues have won; sometimes they have lost. That is the way of politics in a democracy. We don’t always get what we want.

But I have always been confident that the outcome represented the people’s choice. That is because the Registrar’s Office has scrupulously followed election laws and maintained the security of ballot processing.

On a more personal note, I have also run for office twice in Nevada County. Once I lost; once I won. That, too, is the way of politics in a democracy. You don’t always win. But here too, I never doubted the outcome because the elections were run fairly and accurately.

The current registrar has been a leader in the state, several years ago making Nevada County part of the state’s pilot program for vote-by-mail. This is the system that allows us to vote in the comfort of our homes at a time of our choosing.

In short, this is part of the reason Nevada County now boasts one of the highest rates of voter turnout in California. And because of the successful pilot program by Nevada County and a handful of other counties, vote-by-mail is now available to all Californians.

We are fortunate in this election to have Natalie Adona running for clerk-recorder/registrar of voters. She has years of experience working on elections, first in Alameda County and most recently as the assistant clerk-recorder/registrar of voters in Nevada County.

From that experience, as well as from her law degree, she understands the complexity of federal and state election laws. From her experience, as well as from her master’s degree in public administration, she understands how to manage the office.

Ms. Adona also represents us at the state and national levels, serving on committees with other election officials. In short, she is continuing our leadership role, representing our important rural interests outside Nevada County.

Her opponents bring no experience or education in the elections field to their candidacy. One, when asked about his relevant education and experience, made it clear he believed that on-the-job training would be adequate for this important office.

The other candidate, when asked what he would change if he could, said he would like to eliminate vote-by-mail. I believe these candidates have the best of intentions, but good intentions do not substitute for relevant education and experience.

I seek to maintain the integrity and security of Nevada County’s voter registration and election processes, so my clear choice for clerk-recorder/registrar of voters is Natalie Adona. She is experienced and an elections leader. Please join me in supporting her.

Bob Branstrom is a resident of the city of Grass Valley and a member of the Grass Valley City Council. This opinion is the personal viewpoint of the author and does not reflect any official city view.

This letter is one of our active Democrats, Bob Branstrom’s, opinion. Posting it does not imply the endorsement of the Nevada County Democrats. She is a No Party Preference voter, thereby eliminating her from endorsement by the NCDCC according to the California Democratic Party rules.


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  1. Hi Bob. Thanks for your articulate hand with the seemingly proverbial pen. The article on Natalie Adona met my interest in her in a timely manner. My in-laws, long time Republicans, gave me today a pile of political mailings designed to educate me on who to vote for. I read just one. One large postcard that villified Ms Adona as a carpet bagger and indicated that I should vote for anyone besides her. So I Googled the endorser ID code, checked contributors, noted some guy named Garcia for The State of Jefferson and found him at a proTrump event in The Union. At any rate it made me wonder what the Dems were up to…and this your post above I ran in too. Someone from the Nev Co Dems called said their was a candidate for a district office giving her views sometime soon at a Unity Church in GV. I took poor notes things be hectic at the office. Maybe you know. Isaac.

  2. Dr. Kermit Jones, our candidate for Congress, will be speaking in Grass Valley, Saturday, May 28th 4:00-5:30 at the Unity Church, 180 Cambridge Ct. Grass Valley (corner of Whispering Pines and Cambridge).

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