Finger of blame points back to GOP

By Terry Boyles


While it’s true that the dumping of $3 trillion unfunded, unfocused dollars into the economy in a little more than a year is a sure fire way to create shortages and inflation … all that pandemic relief happened primarily under the watch of Donald Trump and Doug LaMalfa’s Congress.

Supply chain issues, worker unrest and the ugly specter of renewed inflation are almost entirely the fault of COVID-denying Republican leaders, not the new administration.

While the push for rapid vaccine development with cash from the Trump administration was laudable, the cavalier relationship with pandemic facts displayed has led to many needless deaths among the 750,000 Americans who have already died, and countless millions who suffer the long effects of this scourge.

Does anyone really think the hue and cry about “choice,” and not doing the truly patriotic thing, getting the shot and ending this nightmare, would be happening without the mask scoffing, anti-vax, pandemic-denying former president and his army of disinformation trolls?

With responsible messaging from the Trump (and his pundits) America would have united to fight the epidemic with the tools readily at hand … our economy would be humming and we would be back to normal again long ago.

No, this isn’t Joe Biden’s fault. The $3 trillion he is fighting for, to be spent over 10 years (in the future), funded by taxes on the rich, will increase American security and productivity, not create shortages today.

Sorry congressman, your finger should pointing back at yourself.


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