Put Lake Tahoe in District CD_Placer_Sac_Draft

by Margie Joehnck

Although District CD_Placer_Sac_DRAFT is far better than the last visualization, it is quite a shock that the Lake Tahoe area has been carved out of it.  According to your own criteria you are to minimize county divisions, consider communities of interests and not bypass closer populations for more distant populations. You have unnecessarily divided two counties, Placer and El Dorado, both of which consider the Tahoe area of utmost importance to them.  Lake Tahoe is a premier tourist destination, particularly for residents of Nevada, Placer, and El Dorado Counties which certainly makes it a  part of our collective communities of interest. Finally, its populations seems to have been cut out in favor of more distant areas such as Plumas County.  Ten years ago it seemed important to have Truckee and Lake Tahoe in the same district.  What happened to that criteria?

Please redraw this district to include Lake Tahoe, thereby following your own guidelines.


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