Redistricting-Support VCB_Greater Sac_1013, not VCD_ECA_ 1102

by Carol Turner

Dear Redistricting Commission,


The most recent Congressional map, VCD_ECA_1027,  extends our district to Death Valley. Our district was too large before and now it is even larger.

Creating districts is supposed to be about communities of interest which I interpret as districts of like minded communities, not just pockets of interests within a district. The proposed district, VCDB_Greater SAC_1013 connects us to our western Sierra watershed, from the Tahoe region down to the Sacramento Valley. It makes our district even smaller and easier to collaborate on important issues like river health and fire mitigation.

It includes a great amount of the local watershed which many nonprofits work together to protect; including the Yuba and Bear Rivers that connect to the Feather River which joins up with the Sacramento River, and the American River to our southern part of this district map. Many of our communities collaborate to keep our rivers clean and healthy for all to enjoy.

This map includes most of three very important Cal Fire districts; all of the NEU (Yuba, Sierra, Sutter, Placer and Nevada counties), most of the AEU (El Dorado, Amador and Alpine counties) and half of the LNU (Colusa and Yolo counties).  Our communities are working with Cal Fire on fuel reduction and fire mitigation.

I hope your commission will consider map VCDB_GreaterSac_1013 and reject VCD_ECA_1027.

Thank you for your consideration and all your hard work.

Carol Turner

Nevada City, CA 5959

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