Write to the Redistricting Commission Now

by Margie Joehnck

I am a resident of Nevada County endorsing the choice of Congressional District CDBGSAC Visualization B-VCDB GreaterSac 1013. Placer County is our “sister” county. It shares with us a similar history from the Gold Mining Era and similar focuses on the arts, and recreation. I have lived here 18 years and at least half my trips from my home go into neighboring Placer County. Doctors, banking, shopping, recreational and cultural activities all draw me there.

Between Nevada and Placer Counties flows the beautiful Bear River. In the coming decade, opportunities will present themselves for the Bear River to become a major foothill recreation area as some of the largest landowners, such as P, G & E, along the river are considering divesting themselves of the land. The people and the public officials of both counties, as well as our  assembly, state senate and congressional representative will need to collaborate closely to make this happen. Lake Tahoe is split between Placer and Eldorado Counties, so they need to be in one Congressional district as well.  This proposal  is compact and an area that many of us travel for recreational purposes.

The elongated district proposals, either north or south, bring in counties that really are not similar and either one creates an incredibly difficult area for a representative to cover and represent adequately.

The fact that this district is classified as a part of the greater Sacramento area is important.  Sacramento is the largest, most metropolitan city in the area, and people from all these counties travel that direction for medical care and the cultural activities. In fact, I think you should consider linking all the mountain communities with the closest metropolitan area west of itas that is the natural flow of the population.

Please do choose this district: Congressional District CDBGSAC Visualization B.

(Here is the link to post letters https://airtable.com/shrQDD2ta2emnSzzO)


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