Newsom – An Innovative Leader

By Peggy Burks

How is it we Californians are in yet another crisis of our own making.  Are you at all like me? Sitting in my bubble, until about a week ago I was oblivious to the real danger of Newsom being dumped and a true crackpot taking over the top job. Now I get it – we are fed up with covid, with delta, with masking, with heat, fire, smoke and water woes. We are tired out, we need to blame someone, and thus the recall has gained momentum.  This is for real. Newsom’s not perfect, but California under Newsom as governor still leads the nation standing up for the moral principles of democracy, for ‘we the people’ inclusive, not divisive. California  with Newsom at the helm still leads in innovation, economic stability, protecting the environment and protecting us the consumer. Open your ballot and gasp at the huge roster of wanna-be’s, all Republicans, ranging from far-right QAnon’s, to a talk show host and anti-science believers. Vote NO on the recall. But just in case Newsom is recalled, I’m going to hedge my bet and vote for Faulconer, the safest, ‘normal’ Republican on the list.

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