My Take on Newsom’s Accomplishments

By Itara O’Connell

It’s easy to get tangled up in the petty divisiveness of our current dialogue instead of focusing on Newsom’s accomplishments. While handling a health crisis and the economic fallout from that, Newsom has managed to advance achievements in the areas of healthcare, education, and the economy.

The more people that have access to healthcare the better off we will all be. Newsom has made 1 million more Californians eligible for healthcare.

Being a retired teacher and social worker, I applaud Newsom’s effort to get preschoolers a head start by supporting the institution of a regular new school year for 4 your olds. He also signed a bill giving first-time college students two tuition free years at the local community colleges.

What has he done for business? He launched the largest small business grant program in the nation by allocating more than $2.6 billion to help small businesses in next year’s budget. He signed a bill to help get broadband to rural areas, a key business component, and expanded needed paid family leave. He also provided millions in fee relief to businesses impacted by Covid-19.

Of course, these are not things the opposition cares about. It’s easy to gripe, not so easy to achieve all this success during a pandemic. VOTE NO on the RECALL!

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