Newsom’s Victories, In Brief: Economy and Healthcare

Newsom’s administration has made a great deal of progress in many areas. Need some talking points to convince your friends? Here are some of his successes on the Economy and Healthcare.


  • UCLA’s Anderson Report says California’s recovery will outpace the US
  • Got the legislature to pass the largest economic stimulus package ever-the Golden State Stimulus- Act which will deliver cash payments of $600 to nearly 6 million people
  • Launched the largest small business grant program in the nation, more than $2.6 billion allocated
  • Signed bill to provide greater broadband to rural areas
  • Doubled the size of the California Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Provided millions in fee relief to businesses impacted by COVID-19
  • Signed first-in-the-nation bill targeting misclassification of workers across sectors

Health Care

  • Made 1 million more Californians eligible for Affordable Care Act coverage
  • California has administered over 11 million vaccinations, more than all but 5 countries
  • State has seen fewer per capita deaths from COVID 19 than the national average
  • California has built the most robust vaccine distribution system in the county
  • California led the country in acquiring PPE for our vulnerable healthcare workers
  • Launched the nation’s first single purchaser system for prescription drugs
  • Signed legislation blocking Big Pharma’s ability to delay lower cost generic drugs from entering the marketplace
  • Ensured access to healthcare for COVID-19 diagnostic and treatment services for all uninsured Californians
  • Expanded paid sick leave to every Californian during the pandemic, regardless of whether they were covered by federal law

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