Newsom’s Victories: Education and Criminal Justice Reform

Newsom’s administration has made a great deal of progress in many areas. Need some talking points to convince your friends? Here are some of his successes on the Economy and Healthcare.

Education/Family Support

  • Signed into law that added a new grade to public school called Transition Kindergarten for all 4 year olds
  • Provided funding for childcare and childcare workers pay increases
  • Continued universal school lunch program that was started during the pandemic
  • Provided two tuition free years of community college to any first-time student
  • Increased student financial aid
  • Signed the nation’s first law allowing student athletes to profit off their names, image, and likeness
  • Passed legislation expanding California’s paid family leave from six to eight weeks for each parent

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Actively working to change prisons to real rehabilitation setting
  • Signed bill to make it more difficult for police to legally justify killing civilians
  • Signed law to phase out private, for profit prisons and immigrant detention centers and California has ended all such contracts
  • Halted Executions by Executive Order

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