Newsom’s Victories: Climate Change, Wildfire, and Housing

Newsom’s administration has made a great deal of progress in many areas. Need some talking points to convince your friends? Here are some of his successes on the Economy and Healthcare.

Wildfire Containment/Climate Change

  • State has seen far fewer fire deaths each year since Newsom took office
  • $21 billion allocated to pay for future wildfire costs, investing more than ever before in first responders, wildfire resilience and firefighting technology
  • Declared statewide emergency to fast-track tree clearing and other forest management work by exempting such projects form some environmental review
  • Allocated money to retrofit homes for fire resiliency
  • Set a goal of phasing out sales of new gas-powered cars by 2035
  • Vowed to reach carbon neutrality before state‚Äôs 2045 goal
  • Banned fracking in 2024 and recently the state denied two new permits recently



  • Latest budget has $12 billion set aside to combat homelessness and allocated $10 billion to build additional low to moderate housing
  • Set aside of $5.2 billion of federal cash to help pay back rent and $2 billion to help pay utility bills in arrears
  • Set up a model for stable housing by starting Project Room Key to provide motel and hotel rooms for more than 33,000 unhoused Californians
  • Set up Project Home Key and purchased 6,000 units
  • Signed law restricting rent increases to 5% and restricts evictions for people financially harmed by COVID-19

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