The Dangers of Larry Elder

Any Republican candidate, while restricted by a Democratic legislature, could still do untold damage to our state. Powers of the Governor include:

  • The discharge of current government personnel and replacing them with ones that really don’t support the purpose of the position they are in (a la Trump).
  • Slow-walk or shut down programs already adopted by the legislature.
  • Undo anything done by Executive mandate such as the moratorium on implementing the death penalty.
  • The sole right to appoint a new US senator, if our 88 year old US Senator, Diane Feinstein were unable to continue, an appointed successor who would undoubtedly be a Republican, thereby turning the Senate back over to McConnell.

The leading Republican candidate, Larry Elder, is a conservative talk show radio host with a large following, but no actual political experience. His positions are even more extreme than many of his colleagues, and include:

  • $0 minimum wage (That’s right -$0 !) A third party (the state) should not be involved in wage decisions between the employer and employee.
  • Will push choice-thinks public schools are a disgrace and teachers got a “vacation” last year
  • He agreed with a Fox newscaster, that people are fleeing blue states because red state life-style is so much better.
  • Newsome is surrounded by an army of radicals for whom climate change is a religion and growth & development a villain.
  • Radical assault on public safety demonizes police officers as trying to do their job.
  • There is no such thing as systemic racism—hard work will get you anywhere.
  • Will not support tax payer schools that indoctrinate children with hate (reference to Critical Race Theory).
  • Government should empower religious groups to handle the underlying problems of homelessness.
  • Welfare state is institutionalizing women to marry the government, and men to abandon their families.
  • Will not act to control the spread of COVID.
  • Sacto elites enable criminals by allowing them to avoid conviction and incarceration
  • Has made many misogynistic statements: for example, in a 2000 column, Elder wrote that “Women know less than men about political issues, economics and current events.”
  • Trump Supporter
  • Anti-abortionist

Vote NO on the Recall!


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