Vote for Pamela Swartz

by Annie Ballard

As a resident of “The 1’s”–CD1, AD1 and SD1, I’m so excited to turn in my ballot this election! Democrats and independents alike can look forward to change coming to the North State. We’ve put in a lot of hard work and we’re pushing the needle!

I want to focus here on the newest candidate to step up on our behalf: Pamela Swartz, running for State Senate to relieve us of the ineffectual and corporate-funded Brian Dahle.

Watching Pamela over the past 9 months, I’ve been more and more impressed with her integrity, dedication and true compassion for the people of our district. I can 100% guarantee that she will always speak her mind to stand up for us, and will never cave to lobbyists or corporate donors.

Pamela works tirelessly every single day of the week, and I know she’ll do the same when elected. Whether she’s reading the most current legislative briefs, listening to voters, consulting with policy experts or sparring with interviewers on the radio, her appetite for new ideas and solutions is voracious. From health care to education to fire resiliency to broadband, Pamela is committed to getting us what we need.

Pamela would LOVE to debate Brian Dahle and confront him on the issues and his shameful voting record, but he hasn’t accepted any forum invitations.

Vote for Pamela, and you’ll have actual representation in Sacramento, not lip service.

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