Vote for Elizabeth Betancourt

by Jackie Finley

As the Presidential campaign gains momentum, it is crucial to recognize that local elections are as important as national ones. Change – or continuity – comes from both the top down and the bottom up.

Nevada County voters, like voters everywhere, have choices to make.  Do they want the status quo or a fresh approach to economic and social concerns?

Elizabeth Betancourt, running for Assembly District 1 against incumbent Megan Dahle, defines herself as “A New Voice for the North State.”  Emphasizing her rural and small business roots, she not only exudes a demeanor of common sense, but also focuses on crucial issues impacting our region, including wildfire reduction, affordable housing, employment opportunities, non-divisive gun safety, and consensus building strategies.   She considers hard work and discipline two important values that transcend political messaging that divides communities.

Furthermore, she believes in eschewing instant gratification in favor of a more mature, longer-term assessment of what needs to be done. Quick-fix solutions are usually counterproductive for complicated problems. Collaborative, rational approaches often result in permanent success.

Our Northern California region is great place to live, work, and raise families.  With Ms. Betancourt’s measured vision, it can become even better.

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