Volunteers Are Here to Help!

Our volunteers. Think of us as the “Door Dash” of the Nevada County Democrats. We have crews that will deliver lawn signs directly to you. We’ll drive you to the polls, or pick up your ballot and drive it to the ballot box. We’ll even deliver and install an 8’x10’ Audrey Denny sign in your yard.

Need information about the voting process in Nevada County? We have it! Want to chat with others in your neighborhood with your point of view? We’ll invite you to a weekly Zoom call with people that live near you. And you can bet our volunteers will be watching the polls throughout the county.

Call the office at (530) 802-5431, or drop by between 12:00 and 4:00 Monday through Saturday. Tell us what you need. Someone will be right there.

One Comment on “Volunteers Are Here to Help!”

  1. I would like to have a Denney sign, and a Biden/Harris sign delivered to my home at 301 Nimrod st. Nevada city. Thank You. Have already donated to both campaigns.

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