by Jacqueline Finley

There have been several times when I believed the country was collapsing.

Nothing, however, compares to our current chaos.  COVID is randomly killing Americans and the economy is reeling.  Protests are showcasing inequalities and prejudices no longer hidden beneath a frayed rug.  Politics, always cruel, are beyond the pale, with no decorum.  Leadership consists of spiteful retaliations and a pack mentality ignoring societal needs in favor of self-serving egos.  Friends and family are afraid to voice honest opinions for fear of damaging fragile relationships.

If the U.S. remains on track, the “great experiment” will ultimately fail.  Our present corrupt leadership divides and conquers for its own end, mocking the concept of the “perfect union” that this country professes to be.

Redemption is possible, as crucial elections are forthcoming. Positive change comes via the ballot and electing competent leaders – local and national – who strive to unify with pragmatic solutions is the key. Progress is a positive constant, whether one identifies as liberal or conservative.

Our current turmoil is pathetic and untenable. To end it we must vote for candidates who downplay personal power, value diversity, embrace progress, and are able to competently free the country from an unprecedented and frightening future.

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