We’re All Equal with COVID

By Jackie Finley

Herman Cain’s recent death from COVID should make it clear to anyone that the virus has no regard for race, gender, age, socio-economic status, religion, or political party affiliation.  If a prominent, wealthy individual such as Cain can succumb to COVID, so can anyone.

Wearing masks, socially distancing, and temporarily closing or restricting businesses are annoying, and for many, extremely economically and socially challenging.  They are necessary, however, if this country is to return to a sense of normalcy within the next several months. The alternative, i.e., prolonged national illness, death, fear, and rancor, is a potential death knell for our society.

It is not un-American to require citizens to behave in a manner that protects the broader citizenry; in fact, it is patriotic to expect individuals to back-burner their “rugged individualism” until we are again safe and functioning.  This is not the first time Americans have had to bite-the-bullet to survive and move ahead and it won’t be the last.

Please support local and national leaders who have the common sense to listen to the medical and scientific experts and advocate for intelligent, judicial means to stop the virus.   Short-term inconvenience can result in long-term success.

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