Vote for Audrey Denney

by Jacqueline Finley

I have met Audrey Denney, Congressional Candidate for California First District, on several occasions.

She has consistently impressed me as someone who listens, communicates well, and has the critical ability to understand others’ backgrounds, perspectives, and viewpoints.

Her webpage says that Ms. Denney has “North State Values and Vision.” I think this statement says much about her and what she wants to accomplish. While a Democrat, she does not focus on political affiliation, but rather on what is important to this California region, both now and in the future. Agriculture, environmental concerns, health care, fire prevention, gun safety, job opportunities, and social equality are but some of the issues for which she has practical solutions. These are not liberal or conservative issues, but rather human ones that should be addressed by a community united behind a competent and knowledgeable leader.

Ms. Denney grew up in this region and knows it well. She appreciates its history and culture and wants them to endure and flourish. If you want the same, please vote for her in November.

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