Tahoe Truckee Democratic Club – Report

Tahoe-Truckee Democratic Club report to the NCDCC 2/20/2020

The club has 119 current members. Membership is holding steady with a few first-time members joining this month. The attendance at both the January and February meetings were up considerably compared to last year same months, with nearly thirty attending each meeting.

With the state primary less than two weeks off, we tried to steer members to help with the various campaigns in the primary. For example club volunteers stepped up to send out over 3500 post cards for the Elizabeth Betancourt campaign alone.

The identified main club goal for 2020, is to work on campaigns! Also, consider running for local office, or help a campaign of someone who is running locally. Once the primary is complete, and we have a clear idea of who in the presidential, congressional, and with the state elections we fall under are going forward, we are going to encourage members to adopt and help at least one and ideally many campaigns. We will send out at least once month updates on the various campaigns and their events and needs. Also want to create a committee of volunteers to be on call to help with some needs of local candidates come summer and fall.

The club is working on the recruitment of members, and democrats, to run for local office. So far early in the process, we have had five show strong interest, with two committing for local office elections in fall. We have committed some club funds to local campaign training along with leadership training. The club is fortunate that there are some members with a lot of campaign experience who will donate time to help advise people on the in and outs of setting up a local campaign. In 2018 we had two training sessions ad this year intending to have more. We really want to help back someone with guidance, the how too of a campaign. The feedback we received in 2018 from some running, that without being pointed in the right direction, they may have backed out.

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