Fresh Voices Needed – Onward To November

by Jackie Finley

Fresh voices are needed to represent northern California districts on both state and national levels.

Three current candidates deserve your attention and serious consideration: Audrey Denney (running for
Representative for California District 1), Elizabeth Betancourt (running for State Assembly District 1), and
Pamela Swartz (running for California State Senate District 1).

Before you reject any or all these individuals for being too liberal or too Democratic, please look at their
websites. All three are common-sense candidates who understand the needs and objectives of the rural
and often-overlooked California counties they aspire to represent. They honor “traditional values,” a
term frequently misconstrued for political gain by both the right and the left, yet they appreciate the
need for progress as our society evolves and changes. Recognizing that leaders should represent all their
constituents regardless of political affiliation, these three candidates know that finding common-ground
and respectful compromise are the keys to lessening community fragmentation and stagnation.

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