A Grand Deception

by Richardt Stormsgaard

Only a small handful of socialist republics currently exist, all unstable, corrupt, and poor. In advanced
Western countries socialists are either not represented in their parliaments at all or they have only minor
political influence.

This raises the interesting question of how a declared socialist like Bernie Sanders has managed to build a
strong movement of committed and enthusiastic followers in a country with only 60,000 registered
democratic socialists. The answer is that the Sanders movement has obscured its true agenda with great
success, claiming to be progressive liberals and/or benign social democrats. Left-leaning mainstream
media has been instrumental in furthering this deception.

An excellent example of this was printed February 14, 2020, in Politico. Annie Lowrey in her op-ed “The
Berniephobes Are Wrong” first labels Bernie Sanders a liberal, and then a few lines later refers to him as
a social democrat as though those terms were synonymous.

Describing Bernie Sanders as a liberal is deceitful, and it has been widely done throughout much of
mainstream media since he first emerged as a national force in 2015. He is a declared socialist, and
socialists disagree fundamentally with both liberals and social democrats who in advanced countries
around the world have established neo-liberal economies from New Zealand to Canada to Finland to
France where lower incomes generally have risen three to four times since 1980 (2018 World Inequality
report). Bernie Sanders called Hillary unfit to be president because she was a prominent liberal
(presumably not because she was a woman), and Mr. Chakrabarti, the right-hand man of Sanders during
the 2016 campaign, and the alleged mastermind behind the AOC win in 2018, has labeled Obama a
corporatist stooge and Sharice Adams a racist collaborator. These statements reflect the true feelings of

Labeling Bernie Sanders a social democrat is also dishonest. Scandinavian social democrats in concert
with liberal parties have established thriving free enterprise societies that rank at the top on many global
comparison charts including happiness and social mobility. These social democrats respect their
billionaires who provide the foundation for wealth and social support systems of their countries. It is
unthinkable for social democrats to say that billionaires should not exist, or write books about the
revolution, or even vilify the financial sector in general. Denmark is rated a better country to do business
in than the US. Norway and Sweden both have a higher ratio of billionaires than the US. Sweden,
Finland, and Denmark all rank higher than the US on the Global Innovation Index. Just like American
democratic socialists attack our major liberal politicians the Nordic far left extremists rail against their
social democratic corporatists and collaborators.

Wikipedia defines the universally accepted difference between social democrats and democratic socialists
this way: “In contrast to modern social democrats, democratic socialists believe that policy reforms and
state interventions aimed at addressing social inequities and suppressing the economic contradictions of
capitalism will ultimately exacerbate the contradictions, seeing them emerge elsewhere in the economy
under a different guise. Democratic socialists believe the fundamental issues with capitalism are systemic
in nature and can only be fixed by replacing the capitalist economic system with socialism, i.e. by
replacing private ownership with collective ownership of the means of production and extending
democracy to the economic sphere”.

One of the very few countries in recent history that has eliminated billionaires as dictated by socialist
dogma is Venezuela. Bernie Sanders falsely claims he wants to emulate Denmark, but a critical
assessment of his political philosophy and his countless statements indicate he is much more similar to

Hugo Chavez who won a democratic election in Venezuela in 1998. Despite possessing vastly more
natural resources than other oil-rich countries like thriving Norway and the wealthy Gulf states this nation
after two decades of socialist mismanagement is now rated the most miserable country in the world by far
according to the UN. If Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, we can anticipate an endless stream of
reports and tearful interviews of human despair and misery from Venezuela just 1600 miles south of

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