October First Tuesday Report

Submitted by Ellen Macdonald

Heidi Hall, Nevada County Board of Supervisors and candidate for reelection to same seat in
District 1, and Hardy Bullock, manager of the Truckee Airport and candidate for NC Board of
Supervisors District 5, were both guest speakers at Nevada County Democrats’ First Tuesday
Educational Forum on October 1st .

Heidi spoke first and provided a run-down of what she and other Board members have been
working on for the last 3+ years.

Included in her talk was the marked increase in the County’s involvement in Wildfire
Prevention. Collaboration with other agencies has improved a lot with the launching of Ready
Nevada County, Hazardous Vegetation Reduction, Ponderosa Defense Zone Project, which
includes Code Red alerts and evacuation alerts via the hi/lo beeping vehicles.

Homelessness and affordable housing have received a good deal of increased attention from
Nevada County with improved collaboration with other agencies such as Hospitality House,
Sierra Roots, and the town of Truckee. In addition to the Housing First program (get people
housed before services such as mental health counseling can really begin), Homeless Outreach
to the various camps has been launched as has program to implement winter warming shelters
and a Day Resource Center for homeless folks during the day.

Heidi also reports a bridge housing program has helped at least 131 individuals and 34 families
in 2019 in addition to the 275 individuals and families helped in 2018. I have mentioned just a
few of the County’s plans and accomplishments to address homelessness simply to give a brief
summary of Heidi’s report on the considerable increase in services and attention to the issue in
past three years.

She also reported on the attention the Board and County have given to addressing the
affordable housing crisis. In that direction the County has helped to fund 139 affordable units
already built with 41 more in the works.

Heidi also reported on a big lift in last two years in attention and changes to adopting new
cannabis regulations both local and state. The permitting program has received 78 applications
and as of this date (10/1/19) 17 have been approved. Coordination between the Sheriff’s
department and the Cannabis Alliance has also improved significantly.

Heidi is running for reelection for District One Supervisor in 2020 and has a least one
announced opponent, to this writer’s knowledge anyway. We strongly urge District One voters
to reelect Heidi for a second term. Much of the accomplishments and the positive change in
direction of this Board are due to her presence on it.

Please reelect Heidi Hall District One Supervisor.

Hardy Bullock is a long-time resident of Truckee and raised in the Nevada City/Grass Valley

He is married and has two teenage children. He is a member and chairperson of the Truckee
Planning Commission and also a member, or past member, of the Nevada County Planning
Commission. Hardy was appointed to that position by outgoing Board member Richard
Anderson who is retiring in 2020. Hardy is running to fill that vacancy on the Nevada County
Board for District 5, the Truckee area.

In addition to his position as the general manager of the Truckee/Tahoe airport (a busy hub in
the area), Hardy has been a member of Truckee Rotary, on the boards of Big Brothers/Big
Sisters, the Truckee Trails Foundation, and the Wild Cherries Triathlon. He is an avid cyclist and
hiker, an outdoorsperson generally.

The issues that most concern Hardy are, like Heidi and most public service persons, are
affordable housing and wildfire management, but Hardy also has a particular interest in mental
health services for the Truckee area.

In regard to housing Hardy reports there are two pressing areas affecting the availability of
affordable housing – the high cost of building materials and short-term rentals, a problem
probably more particular to popular outdoor activity meccas such as Truckee. He is a strong
supporter of collaborative work with other agencies and county departments and wants to
increase the connection between the eastern and western area of the county in tackling the
issues of affordable housing and homelessness. Hardy’s own current ideas include a list of eight
ideas for addressing affordable housing which can easily be found on his website:
bullockforsupervisor.com under the heading “My Platform” then “Housing”.

Fire is another major issue that Hardy has developed ideas to address. Having worked for PG&E
and Edison companies in So California he is well acquainted with the perspective of power
companies as well as citizens. Again, Hardy’s website under “Platform” provides a good deal of
information on his thoughts and ideas for fire management.

Finally, on issues of mental health, Hardy appears to want to work on preventing gun violence,
including that in schools, and emphasizes the mental health aspect (see Platforms on his
website) It is unclear to me at this writing where he stands on legislation to limit and control
access to guns themselves.

We wish Hardy the best of success with his campaign and hope to hear more from him in

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