Vote Elizabeth Betancourt November 5th

by Dick Sciaroni

There’s an election coming up –not the 2020 Presidential Election, but the November 5, 2019 special election for State Assembly. And there’s no incumbent. Instead, District 1 voters have a choice between two candidates: Elizabeth Betancourt, an educated (BA Science and Resource Management, MA Forest and Source-Water Management) professional; or Meghan Dahle, whose primary qualification appears to be her long-term marriage to the former District 1 officeholder.

The November 5 election presents District 1 voters with a stark choice: will they choose democracy or a dynasty? Will they choose as their representative in Sacramento an accomplished public servant (Chief, Cannabis Permitting and Compliance Unit, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board)? Or will they pick the wife of the outgoing officeholder?

I have nothing against marriage. I’m married myself. But I don’t think that being married to the former officeholder – apparently Dahle’s only qualification for office — means that she has a leg up on Betancourt, a candidate whose professional experience and education make her uniquely suited to address District 1’s pressing issues – forest and resource management.

Voters should choose Betancourt over Dahle: democracy not a dynasty, competency not a coronation.

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