Elizabeth Betancourt for Assembly

by Jacqueline Finley

If you haven’t already done so, check out Elizabeth Betancourt, the sole Democratic candidate for California Assembly District 1.

A farmer, small business owner, watershed scientist and rural advocate, Ms. Bettencourt’s focus is on water and land resource management, helping local communities prosper and remain fiscally strong, and bridging the gap between progressive and conservative District 1 residents.

Viewed as a “new voice for the North State,” she is up against four Republican opponents.   Megan Dahle hopes to capture her husband’s recently vacated Assembly seat and keep the job “all in the family,” regardless of her limited political experience.  Joe Turner, former Lassen County Republican Chair, promotes a platform of, “Family, Faith and Liberty.”   State of Jefferson proponent and former Redding mayor, Patrick Henry Jones, looks to eviscerate California.    Lane Rickard supports Proposition 13 and the damages it continues to cause to the state.

While all five candidates strive for strong rural representation in Sacramento, their routes to attaining that goal are different.  Elizabeth Bettencourt’s approach is less focused on erstwhile issues, e.g., State of Jefferson, Proposition 13, and the definition of “family values,” and more on pragmatic and unifying solutions to challenges facing the District 1 counties.

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