LaMalfa Comes to Town

Congressperson Doug LaMalfa’s visit to Grass Valley was marked by frustration and rage.  The dogmatic and stubborn man had a lot to say about not much at all.  He spent more than an hour with constituents dodging questions and using false numbers to back up his arguments.

Democratic-endorsed candidate and Grass Valley City Councilwoman, Hilary Hodge, noted on social media, “I left today’s meeting and literally donated to Audrey Denney from my phone in my car before I left the parking lot.”

Local Democrat and delegate to the California State Democratic Party, Sushilla Mertens noted, “I am grateful Mr. LaMalfa called for a town hall in Grass Valley as it is his duty as our Congressperson to educate the public and represent the people. Unfortunately, his information about what he said he supports does not match his voting record.”

Activist and fellow Democrat, Lee Zasloff, agreed with a strong stance explaining her frustration in a list:

“1. He’s a liar. I read a summary of a study reported in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery that investigated differences in mass shooting deaths during and after the assault weapon ban. Their conclusion was that “Mass-shooting fatalities were 70% less likely to occur during the federal ban period.”

“2. He has his own agenda and no matter what we say, how logically we present an issue, or how we try to get him to answer a very specific question, he’ll squirm his way out of it by changing the subject or joking about it. He’s not going to do anything that matters to us.

“3. We have to get rid of him. Our planet is burning and people are dying.”

Sushilla Mertens went on to say, “Either LaMalfa has a bad memory or he is not telling the truth to his constituents.

“LaMalfa dodged just about every question except for affirming his support for a religious option to ban abortion from health insurance.

“Even more disturbing is LaMalfa’s support of all guns to all people and his putting the safety of this nation on parent’s not teaching their children, especially when children are hearing the president inciting people to do harm to each other.

“A recent poll by more than a 2-1 margin, said Trump’s tweets were “un-American.”  And yet LaMalfa has no plans to confront this internal domestic terrorist.

“And even though LaMalfa voted to decrease taxes again for the richest in this country and increase the military budget to over 3 Trillion dollars, he is sorry there is no money to help District 1 with fire abatement or mental health or insuring a safer America.

“I am once again disappointed with LaMalfa’s ability to create solutions for District 1 and our country. The only solution to his inability to protect us is to vote in someone who will find the moral courage to do so.”


Links to voting records:

According to his recorded votes on,

La Malfa voted against:

July 18, 2019 HR 582 Raise the Wage Act NAY
July 16, 2019 H Res 489 Condemning President Trump’s Racist Comments Directed at Members of Congress NAY

June 27, 2019 HR 2722 Securing America’s Federal Elections (SAFE) Act  NAY

April 4, 2019 HR 1585 Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019 NAY

March 27, 2019 HR 7 Paycheck Fairness Act  NAY.

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