First Tuesday Recap: June 4th 2019

First Tuesday June 4th

by Ellen MacDonald


June’s First Tuesday forum was primarily a party but also provided a setting for members who attended the 2019 California Democratic Party Convention to reflect on the experience.

The convention had just ended two days before this party, so memories were fresh and so was the exhaustion from an intense two to three days of politics.

As readers probably know by now, fourteen of the twenty-three Democratic presidential candidates spoke to the convention.  Nevada County Democrats, especially people who attended for the first time, spoke of the high energy running through the large group gatherings to the various caucuses and the parties later in the day. Over five hundred people were at the Rural Caucus, Hilary Hodge reported, and, further, Nancy Pelosi made an appearance at the Women’s Caucus which is chaired by Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi.

But for Nevada County Democrats the convention offered a low point in the Kimberly Ellis loss to Rusty Hicks for Chair of the California Democratic Party.  Meri Mohr, who was Region 1 coordinator for Kimberly’s campaign, spoke of the vote and her disappointment. But like others who were so strongly supportive of Kimberly, Meri said she would be supportive of the new Chair.  While I was not at this year’s convention, I followed it off and on thru Saturday on my phone, experiencing some of the same disappointment.  Neil Bodine, another Kimberly supporter, said he spoke to Rusty Hicks after the election and said Hicks promised to help rural areas in next year’s elections. Neil vowed to hold him to that promise and I’m sure he will not be alone.

For Carol Turner from Indivisible Women this was her first convention and she briefly described the experience with all the excitement/exhaustion that best describes the first convention experience.

Steve Hurley talked about the Governor’s Dinner, which both he and Peter Minett went to. They met and spoke briefly with Governor Newsom.

And Ben Perkins talked about the work on the California Young Democrats, which is an organization chartered by the California Democratic Party and is made up of Dems under 35.

Finally, Tomas Vera, Chair of the Placer County Democrats and an AD delegate to the convention, spoke of next year’s elections need to register voters in Shasta county, which has a considerable number (I think Tomas said 30,000) of eligible but unregistered voters.  He called on Nevada County Democrats to join Placer County and other areas in CD 1, to help register these folks.  Generally, he was emphasizing need to motivate and mobilize Democrats to help change the election outcome in low Democratic voter areas, such as Shasta County.

A video of the General Sessions for Saturday and Sunday, including speeches by all fourteen of the Dem Presidential candidates, can be found at the California Democratic Party (CADEM) website under the “News” heading.



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