Running Amok

Running Amok

By Dick Sciaroni

The Republican Party is not a political party in the traditional sense. Instead, it has become a social movement using pent-up frustration with traditional politics to distort our electoral system. Trump controls this movement, enjoying seeming boundless autonomy free of the usual constraints that the Constitution, party politics or a free press have imposed on past presidents. Meanwhile, those who disagree with him – there are millions who do — can neither ignore nor negotiate with this new movement because Trump and his adherents are concerned only with themselves.

We live in scary times. We have a president who believes what he thinks. What he thinks depends on the whim and fancy of the present — on what makes him feel good at the moment. Meanwhile, we have a citizenry that is unwilling to look beyond what it wants. In short, it is a citizenry that is for any number of reasons unable and unwilling to understand the complexities and nuances of the process of government.

What is equally depressing is the possibility that, were someone else sitting in the White House, we might face the same dilemma: a president and a party that puts personal gain before country.

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