Climate Change? What Climate Change?

Climate change? What climate change?

by Marilyn Rosenbrock Nyborg, Co-Founder of Indivisible Women Nevada Co.

Sitting in a local restaurant with an old friend over coffee, the conversation goes like this: We review the world situation on this midweek afternoon, the sun shining on a lovely spring day.

White women of privilege, we comment on the fact that we are sitting here comfortably commenting on awful worldwide conditions … noticing the problems are not part of our reality.

We are intellectually aware that climate change is indisputable. And yet, people still deny any relationship between human behavior and increasing climate extremes. It is really difficult to wrap our heads around the threatening weather, floods, fires, water issues, and impact on foods and distribution when we are enjoying the day.

It is not our experience that Arctic ice is melting, oceans warming, and fish washing up on shore with their bellies full of our disposable plastic. How many of us even notice systems highly networked with other systems are breaking down? Like pulling a string in a silk blouse until it all unravels.

I am getting better educated about the way the indigenous lived in alignment with nature, with the rivers and streams which they did not interrupt or change. They worked with fire to strengthen the health of the forest. They followed the rhythms of nature and taught their children the same. They did not take without giving back or without gratitude to the Great Spirit which supplied their needs.

Climate deniers neglect to notice or learn how we have disrupted natures systems. They say weather changes are a natural cycle. That may be true; however, we have to take responsibility for our contribution: creating garbage, toxic landfills, ocean dumping, and eliminating trees which buffer us from the carbon waste we contribute to the air. Many more feel we have plenty of time before we are impacted or God will take care of us.

Well, I believe we are the hands and feet of our Creator. And it is up to us to regenerate the forests, streams and oceans. I believe our time to prepare is long since gone. Within the next five years, whoever or wherever you are, you will feel the price we have to pay for our neglect and our interference with nature.

Next time you hear of another weather crisis, you are hearing the Mother scream. She screams flooding. She screams tornado and hurricane winds. She screams when she shakes her earth. She is screaming at the violence she has experienced over time. She has taken all she can take.

If you have not paid any attention … start now. There are many excellent books, audios, videos and individuals that can clue you in. A good place to start is Paul Hawken’s book, “Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.” Project Drawdown is a world-class research and communication organization which serves as a non-partisan, non-commercial, highly trusted source of solutions to reverse global warming. Visit their website to learn more about Drawdown’s solutions.

Consider the issues that are important to you — the economy, racism, women’s rights, immigration, politics, etc. and the consequences if our planet, Mother of all life, is unable to sustain life anymore. Imagine yourself and your loved ones in survival. Our current issues, and our religious and political differences will be of no consequence.

Please get educated, speak up, support our Mother. Consider giving up conveniences: one-time use products, plastics, petroleum, toxic chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides — all the things we use that disrupt the web of nature … of life.

There are groups large and small, local and global that you can join or support financially. Do it for the children. Do it now!

Contribute to TreeSisters, your donation of $15 will plant 33 trees in the Amazon, Africa or locally in disaster areas. Speak up when you read about Brazil’s new president threatening to eliminate the rainforests … the lungs of the planet. Contact your elected representatives to take a stand for life.

The Nevada County chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grass roots advocacy organization focused on national policies needs help to promote the passage of The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 763/S. 3791.

What are your local representatives doing — not just proposing? What is being done in your community?

If it were left to you and what you are doing … would we survive?

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