Audrey Denney Q&A

Audrey Denney Q and A

Nevada County Democrats First Tuesday Event

Q. What can we do to prevent shootings, like the one that happened that day in Colorado?

A. Use a frame of common values. Everyone will agree that innocent lives should not be taken, but it is also important that hunters, ranchers, and others have the tools to do their jobs. She supports a bill introduced by Representative Mike Thompson’s that would implement universal background checks, banning bump stocks, and closing the “boyfriend loophole” so that those charged with domestic abuse would be prevented from legally purchasing firearms.

Q. It seems that LaMalfa has only showed up in Paradise when there is a photo op. Will you be more visible?

A. She was in Paradise the previous weekend, and will continue to appear where she can help District 1 residents.

Q. During the mid-terms, Audrey captured 35% – 36% of the vote, which contributed to her losing the election.

A. In Siskiyou County, she won 46.2% of the vote, the biggest swing county in the last election. She attributes the success to grass roots organizing by precincts, and her showing up at multiple events and making friends there. She will show up in Shasta, Lassen, and Tehama Counties and organize there by precincts.

Q. When canvassing in Oroville, they encountered many uninformed residents. What can be done?

A. The turnout and engagement during Mid-terms is traditionally worse than Presidential elections. She will use grass-roots organizing and paid media campaigns to reach these voters.

Q. In Southern California, fire insurance policies have been cancelled even when not in a high-risk area. This may be the tip of the ice berg for Northern California after last year’s fires.

A. There is no solution yet, but Audrey met with the former Insurance Commissioner of California while she was in D.C. They explored whether national fire insurance could be modeled on current flood insurance. They are working on this now.

Q. Are you working on banning glyphosate (the ingredient in Round Up that may be linked to cancer)? Are you educated on 5G wireless, which would require a tower every 500 feet and encroaches on public property?)

A. These topics will be researched using evidence-based, peer-reviewed science before taking a position for or against an issue.

Q. Are home mortgage loans being pulled when fire insurance is cancelled?

A. She has not heard, but recommended the Nevada County Fire Insurance Seekers’ Facebook page for information.

Q. Will you fight against Corporate personhood?

A. Audrey recommended visiting the Move to Amend table, which was present at the event, and paraphrased a quote: “I will believe Corporations are people when it can be taken out in a body bag.”

Q. An attendee who had spent 10 years in Nepal fighting for human rights asked if she would withhold support of a ban against assault weapons if data showed that is an ineffective way to reduce gun violence.

A. She will look into peer-reviewed data on the subject before she commits to a position. She also spoke about her own advocacy for human rights in Central America, where for the first time they are trying to prosecute government leaders for war crimes in El Salvador.

Q. A participant asked the crowd to commit to donating at least $100 this year and next.

A. Many hands were raised.

Q. A third child recently died in ICE custody. We need to protect immigrants who cross the border seeking asylum.

A. Current laws state that those seeking asylum are protected, wherever they cross the border. Actual illegal entry to the U.S. across the Mexican border is at a 30 – 40 year low. We need to elect officials who will honor our commitment to asylum seekers, and elect a Democrat to the White House. We also need to protect long-time, law-abiding undocumented immigrants from deportation. More importantly, the U.S. must eliminate the violence in Northern Triangle of Central America, which is the root cause of the migration. We have supported governments in that region who are not protecting their citizens, which is like punishing people who are running from a burning building, and pouring gasoline on the fire.

Q. Expand on racial justice for black and indigenous people in this district. What does it mean to you as a candidate?

A. Audrey stated that this is the 2nd whitest district in California, with a shocking lack of diversity. She has no finite answer, but believes diversity training must start in schools.

Q. When knocking on doors, a volunteer wanted to know how to put Audrey in a nutshell for those who don’t want to engage in a long discussion.

A. Healthy forests, healthy people, healthy communities.

Q. Republicans are trying to tie Democratic candidates to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi. How will you avoid being this?

A. Although powerless to prevent Republicans to say whatever they want, she will not endorse any candidate until after the primary. The key is to out-message the competition.

After the Q. & A. wrapped up, Audrey thanked the crowd and announced that she was on her way to catch a plane to Kansas, where she would be working at her day job as a Learning Designer.


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