Support Audrey Denney

Support Audrey Denney

by Linda Horning

Our Congressional District 1 encompasses 28,000 square miles, which is just a bit bigger than the state of West Virginia, and like West Virginia, we have a lot of poor people.  Thirty-eight percent of our households earn less than $35,000 per year, and 19% of us live below the poverty line. Incidentally, only 17.9% of West Virginians live below the poverty line.

Given these figures, one would think our congressional representative would be working hard to raise the standard of living in District 1, but, sadly, this is not the case.  Doug LaMalfa votes to protect the interests of his donors, 85% of whom live outside this district.  Many of them are actually from back East, and he seems tragically unaware he has any obligation to serve the needs of the people he represents here.

So, what are our issues?  Well, in addition to low and stagnant wages, we have an older population, 20% of whom rely on Medicare.  LaMalfa voted for a Republican budget that cut future Medicare and Medicaid spending by $340 million in all congressional districts.

In addition, LaMalfa fails to respond to the overwhelming challenges we face due to the effects of climate change. Ignoring our heightened vulnerability to flood and drought, our extraordinary water management issues, and the increased frequency and intensity of forest fires, he follows the GOP establishment party line.  Denying climate change is a Republican policy more suited to his imaginary constituents in the coal mining and oil and gas generating states back East.

Fortunately, we have a remedy for our congressional representative’s misplaced devotion to another geographical region.  Audrey Denney has once again placed her name on the ticket to replace LaMalfa as our District 1 representative.  In 2018, she cut his margin of victory in half and has a good chance of taking his seat in 2020.

A native Californian and resident of Chico, Denney pledges to expand Medicare funding and decrease prescription drug costs. She is the first candidate to be endorsed by the Sunrise Movement because her pragmatic policy solutions address the climate crisis.  In 2018 she received 76% of her contributions from inside this district and she continues to pledge not to accept corporate PAC contributions.

Clearly, it’s time to distinguish ourselves as being District 1 Northern Californians with unique needs and aspirations.  The way to do that is to elect a Representative who works for us.  That person is Audrey Denney.

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