Silke for State Senate

The California Democratic Party has endorsed Silke Pflueger in the Special Election for the State Senate District 1 Seat that was vacated by Ted Gaines. The special primary election will take place on March 26th. If no candidate garners 50 percent plus one vote, the top two vote-getters will advance to a June 4 special general election.

Silke should receive the vote from all those opposed to the current GOP agenda. Unfortunately the ballot will include another Democrat who dropped out of the race.  On February 20th The Union wrote Steve Baird announced he’d withdrawn from the race, but as of February 21st Nevada County Election office could not confirm that statement. It is interesting that Baird, a State of Jefferson Tea Party public advocate (he gave speeches to county governments who rejected his reasoning), who ran against Democrat Rob Rowen in 2016 as a Republican chose to run as a Democrat in this race. Did he really change his views or just his party or did he have other motives to get his name on the ballot?

Instead of working to divide California, Silke has been opposing Trump’s policies by bringing people together. As co-founder and co-chairwoman of Tahoe Truckee Indivisible, she has organized marches, protests, and support for candidates seeking office. Over 300 people gathered at Truckee’s June rally in support of immigrants’ human rights.  Silke is proud to share, “I am an immigrant and a naturalized American citizen.  I have decided I will fight for my adoptive country.”

Silke received free public education in Germany: a diploma in electrical engineering, and a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering. She moved to Michigan in 1994 and to Silicon Valley In 1997. Leaving the world of big corporations in 2004, she successfully started US outposts for several European companies. Silke’s website states, “My communications and leadership skills allowed me to successfully build those organizations. Throughout my professional life, I traveled extensively in the US, Europe and Asia, gaining insights into life, business and economies beyond our borders.” Silke now applies her training and critical thinking skills to activism, organizing and creative problem-solving.

We need Silke Pflueger to represent District 1 in the California Senate. Please vote and encourage others to vote by March 26th. Nevada County elections officials said they will issue vote-by-mail ballots no earlier than Feb. 25.

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by Sushila Mertens

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