By Peter Minett, Chair DCC

The election went well for us, by any metrics.  Ben and Margie’s report, “Congratulations for Being a Part of our Blue Wave,” will go into the Democratic Party’s successes.

There’s another spectrum that bears consideration.   At one end of today’s political divide is Trump’s Republican Party, which is certainly not the party of G.H.W. Bush.  It is a party evidently intent on winning at any cost, by any tactics; a group for whom the accumulation of power is everything; for whom bullying is seen as strength, and any amount of vulgarity is acceptable especially if it helps whip up the “base.”   On the other end of our nation’s political culture, one that has been present for most of our history, are the American values that most of us grew up with:  Fairness, justice, high regard for truth and science as well as for religion.  For grace and civility, consideration and compassion.  For intelligence and decency.

I believe that the November election was, for the most part, a vote for that end of this spectrum.

As such I think it is an initial, tentative, step back towards the historical median in our politics.

On a third spectrum, it was a huge validation of volunteerism, engagement, becoming better informed, and being active in the political life of our cities, county, state, and nation.

One hundred years from now history will take note of this election.  If we continue to win back our country, this year will be noted as the re-assertion of civility, science, etc.  If we lose, it will be cast as the upstart revolution of malcontents, saboteurs, and weaklings, squashed by the Imperial Republican Party of Amerika.

We are the foot soldiers of the future.

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