and I Blame the President

By Michele Spencer

I tried to sort out why I was burnt out and finally realized that I simply had not developed sufficient defenses to deflect the emotional impact of Trump’s daily twitters and general conduct.  Perhaps you have had the same experience.

Before Trump was elected I thought he was the worst example of American manhood imaginable.  Since then my impression of him as a person, a leader, a president is worse.  Everything about him, his narcissism, materialism, sexism, ignorance, arrogance and fear mongering, divisive style of wielding power is obnoxious and upsetting.  Trump represents everything I cannot in good conscience support and do not value.  Trump has demeaned the office of the presidency and the standing of our country in the world.  Don’t ask me about my feelings toward the soulless, complicit Republican Party.

Then there were the mid-term elections, and although I was disappointed that we made no gain in the Senate, we really did do well in the House.  Finally, we had the means to be a check on this outrageous man and his administration. Hope is restored, and I can finally get a good night’s sleep.  The Democratic Party is a conduit to the representation and power we all deserve as citizens and represents my values.  I am energized and grateful. I hope you all are too.  Happy Holidays.  Bring it on 2019.  Checkmate. I am getting ready for 2020 and have the energy to help.

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