By Robert Provenzano


Watching LaMalfa is boring.  The Congressman does not really seem to do very much.  The Congressman has successfully gotten one bill signed into law in his 6 years in the House of Representatives (H.R. 2212 Take Federal Lands into trust for the Susanville Indian Rancheria).


Mr. LaMalfa has stated that he has concentrated on inserting amendments into other bills rather than writing his own bills.


Are you sure that you want Representative LaMalfa to represent you regarding the air you must breath and the water you need to drink?


Regarding environmental regulation:

S.J. Res 22, February 2016.  To disallow EPA from regulating certain bodies of water listed in the bill

H.R. 1644, February 2016.  To disallow the Interior Department from regulating mining within 100’ for streams that were not already regulated.

H.R. 3826, April 2014.  To disallow the clean air act establishment of greenhouse gas emission standards, and prevent EPS from requiring control of carbon emissions from power plants.

H.R. 1732, June 2015.  To withdraw a rule that add tributaries and wet lands to the definition of surface under the Clean Water Act.

H.R. 3189, May 2014.  To disallow the Federal Government from insisting that it keep water rights in order for a sale or lease of Federal lands.

H.R. 2824, May 2014.  To roll back rules that regulate buffer zones between streams and coal mine waste to 2008.

H.R. 935, May 2013.  To amend the Clean Water Act to prohibit the requiring of permits for pesticide discharge into water.

H.R. 2026, May 2013.  To amend the Clean Water Act to prohibit the requiring of permits for discharge of storm water runoff from forest roads. (2013)

H.R. 3964, May 2014.  To amend the Central Valley Project to give water dedicated to irrigation districts a higher priority than water dedicated to fish and water life purposes. (2014 – )

CA SB665, May 2004.  To make changes to the Fish and Game Code to exclude ground water from the definition of water sources that are regulated.

H.R. 1734, September.  To declare coal ash to be non-hazardous which disallows the EPA from declaring coal ash hazardous at anytime is the future.

H.R. 1119, April 2018.  To allow 19 electric plants (14 in Pennsylvania) that burn coal refuse (waste product from coal mining that is stored above ground) and are not able to meet clean air standards because they produce too much hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide.

H.R. 200, August 2018.  To require fishery management plans to consider the economic needs of the fishing communities when establishing fishing limits.

H.R. 5895, July 2018.  To repeal the Waters of the US rule which was established to address the problem of water pollution throughout the US.

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